Construction Cost and Pricing

Construction Cost and Pricing – (Orlando knows someone)  Governments require a structured approach to estimating, negotiating and managing costs associated with construction projects. You will learn about the details of […]

Doing Business With USDOT

Doing Business With USDOT  Learn about the processes of contractual relationships and business transactions with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Understand USDOT's mission, navigate its procurement processes and […]

State, Local and Set-Aside Contracts

State, Local and Set-Aside Contracts  State, local and set-aside contracts represent big opportunities for businesses to win government contracting beyond the federal level. By understanding the procurement processes, requirements and […]

Thriving in Chaos

Thriving in Chaos – May 7 – (Nicole Dhanraj) Learn how to adopt a proactive and resilient mindset to navigate turbulent environments, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable success despite […]

Navigating the Challenges of Government Contracting

Navigating the Challenges of Government Contracting – May 8 – (Orlando Espinosa) Learn how to navigate government-contracting challenges with a strategic approach, a deep understanding of regulations and effective management […]

Why Do You Need Bonding to Grow Your Business?

Why Do You Need Bonding to Grow Your Business?  In government contracting, bonding is a critical requirement for businesses seeking to grow and take on larger contracts. Bonding facilitates access […]

Igniting Growth Through Mindset Revolution

Igniting Growth Through Mindset Revolution  Learn how to strategically foster organizational transformation and drive sustainable growth by shifting the mindset and culture within the company. By igniting their mindset revolution, […]

Navigating GSA Schedule

Navigating GSA Schedule Navigation of the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule can be complex, but it offers significant opportunities for businesses to sell products and services to federal agencies. Learn […]

The ABCs of Contracts and Government Contract Types

The ABCs of Contracts and Government Contract Types  Gain a foundational understanding of the various agreements and procurement methods used in government contracting. Learn about acquisition methods, contract types and […]

Streamlining Operations for Effectiveness and Growth

Streamlining Operations for Effectiveness and Growth  Hear from an expert on how to streamline operations to optimize efficiency, reduce waste and improve productivity across all aspects of a business, encouraging […]

Doing Business With the DOD

Doing Business With the DOD  Doing business with the Department of Defense (DOD), one of the world’s largest government agencies, involves engaging in various contacting- and partnership-related activities. It presents […]

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